The Pangea Team and “Million Dreams Initiative” is proud to showcase this special Project Challenge which will launch later this summer in Blekinge, Sweden. The Sustainable Words & Visions Challenge aims to invite local classrooms and students to imagine a more sustainable future, recognizing that every generation deserves a future to look forward to, not to fear. Read More...

The project is initiated and supported by Pia Redin, a writer and language teacher who currently works as a Literature Coordinator for Region Blekinge, and was inspired by the visionary work of Nobel Laureate Harry Martinson who was awarded a joint Nobel Prize in Literature in 1974 “for writings that catch the dewdrop and reflect the cosmos”.

Sustainable Words & Visions was launched on World Environment Day 2020.  The goal is to reach youth, primarily by inspiring teachers and parents to ask the young ones to visualise a future they would like, then find an expert within the field of sustainability to give suggestions on where and how to start. Then, take action and take photos/record/document the work, and share it with their classmates and others, as well as showcase examples on the website, to inspire others! All year around we will be sharing new stories about how plants have been shared between friends, how youth have asked for more sustainable food in the canteen and how new energy has been created within inclusive groups working for a sustainable future they look forward to. That is all! Start with a vision, end with documentation of action – to inspire to more action!

The Pangea Challenge Team proudly joins Sustainable Words & Visions as part of this mind changing challenge, inspiring youth to co-create their future. During the year, Pia Redin will share with you, how the work in Blekinge proceeds and we will give you updates, tips and incitements on how to co-create a sustainable future simply by Words&Visions.

For those in Blekinge who would like to participate or learn more, you may contact Pia directly at

For more information on the Pangea “Million Dreams for a Whole New World” Initiative and how you can participate or start a project in your community and country, please contact us here at


About the Project Initiator, PIA REDIN

Pia Redin originates and lives in Sweden where she proudly works as Literature Coordinator for Region Blekinge.

Pia is passionate about inspiring and encouraging the youth of Sweden and beyond. Her current mission is to engage students in Blekinge and invite them to envision a sustainable and hopeful world for themselves and generations to come.

With the Sustainable Words and Vision Challenge, Pia hopes to inspire students as well as assist and support teachers in their task of promoting language arts, creativity and sustainability. Stay tuned for more details and updates about this project, coming soon. 


Region Blekinge

Region Blekinge LogoBlekinge Regional Council is the regional council of Blekinge County, Sweden. The council was created in 1863. The county council has 159,362 inhabitants and consists of 5 municipalities. The Blekinge council is responsible for maintaining health and dental care services as well as the public transport system. Read More about Region Blekinge >>


Pia wishes to thank all those who have made the Sustainable Words and Vison Challenge become a reality, in particular :

  • Liv Oscarsson, Sweden,  (for the video Soundtrack, “Partiklar”)
  • Melody Donohoe, Ireland
  • Martina Sundelin, Sweden
  • Sally Nilsson, Sweden
  • Vilgot Axelsson, Sweden


Should you need more information about this challenge, Don’t hesitate to drop us a line.