A Candid Conversation with Cherry Steinwender, CoFounder, Center for the Healing of Racism (with Kimberly King)

About Mrs. Steinwender

Cherry Steinwender is a Co-Founder and Executive Director for the Center for the Healing of Racism. It is an organisation with the mission to facilitate healing of Racism through education and dialogue and to invite the world to “Internalize Oneness.”
Mrs. Steinwender is the author of “Bread is A Simple Food, Teaching Children about Cultures“. She has been recipient for prestigious Gandhi, King, Ikeda and Diversity Champion, 2013 Awards.
Herein, she also tells us more about the genesis of her organisation and how, with her collaborators, they managed to initiate one the first nationwide conversations about racism, back in 1989.
(Read More about Mrs. Steinwender and the Center for the Healing of Racism here)

Co-creating a better future…

With the George Floyd and Black Lives Matter episodes in mind, throughout this conversation, both Pangea Challenge’s Co-founder Kimberly King and Mrs. Steinwender reflect on ways to co-create a society that could be more just and more compassionate for every one, not only in the US, but all over the World as well.

They speak of their different experiences and understanding of racial discrimination. They talk about how much light has been shed on the word racism in 2020 and how important it is to truly listen and reflect, and to open the space for greater clarity and understanding, beginning with ourselves.

Pangea Challenge: To Recognize, Renounce and Heal Racism in the US and World, and begin the journey to “Internalize Oneness.” 

Acknowledging our Collaborators and Partners

We hereby wish to thank:

Center for the Healing of Racism  www.centerhealingracism.org

One Island Institute  www.oneislandinstitute.org