Pia Redin (SWE) and Pangea Challenge Come Together for Sustainable Future

by | Jun 6, 2020 | Press Release

Washington DC, USA, June 5, 2020, World Environment Day

Sustainable Words & Vision Challenge launched on World Environment Day 2020. 

Site_iconThe Pangea Challenge Team and Pia Redin, Coordinator of Literature at Region Blekinge, were pleased today when they announced that they are joining forces towards a Sustainable Future to be designed by the next generation, based on a Swedish initiative called Sustainable Words & Vision Challenge.

This writing challenge aims at engaging the youth to define their notion of a Sustainable World and translate into words of their own, their vision of a better, more sustainable future. Both Pia Redin and Kimberly King, Pangea Challenge’s founder and co-creator, strongly believe that every generation deserves to have a future to look forward to, not to fear.

We are delighted to support such positive and important projects and purpose,” said Kimberly King, “and we are especially proud to amplify the message of Blekinge’s Nobel laureate Harry Martinson, who was a true pioneer in sustainability, led by his heart and care of our earth itself.”

“We encourage teachers and parents to follow this example from Blekinge and join ASAP, The Sustainable Words & Vision Challenge so as to inspire the young ones to start visualising the future they want and start taking action!“, added Kimberly King.

On the other side, Sustainable Words & Vision Challenge founder Pia Redin declared:

I feel so proud and honored that Pangea Challenge have joined in this challenge with such engagement and generosity. Together we will have so much fun while creating a positive impact.” 

Visualise, Translate, Write Down and Do…

The ultimate aim is to reach out to students and more, all over the world, by primarily inspiring teachers and parents to encourage their young ones at visualising the future they want before posting their vision, as poems, essays or in any other form of written arts.

With the help and guidance of an expert within the field of sustainability the youngsters will start gathering the clues on where and how to start a better future.

The action stage is then, about documenting the work by taking photos/ recording multimedia documents/ or writing before sharing it onto pangeachallenge.org platforms and inspire others!

All year round, The Sustainable Words & Vision Challenge will be sharing new sustainability stories like, about how plants have been shared between friends, how the youth is asking for more sustainable food at school canteen and how a new dynamic has been created within inclusive working groups.
That is all! Start with a vision, end with documentation of action – to inspire to more action!

How it works ?

The challenge rotates around 3 main questions, answers to which will determine actions envisaged by the youth.

  1. What are your fears?
  2. What do we do, collectively to avoid those fears?
  3. What is a good life, in the future?

As an example of the Sustainable Words and Vision Challenge, participants (teachers and parents) in Region Belkinge have been asked to discuss with children/students; about the fears they would expect in the future, on how they envision avoiding them. The youngsters will be asked to define their notion of a good life, in the future.
They will then be made to write down their visions.
When possible, they will be invited to meet a sustainability expert and discuss on how to start the future they want. If no such experts are available, participants are then invited to workshop to elaborate the best relevant answers based on existing data !

Anybody can start  a Words and Vision Challenge in his/her community or in his/her country. One only needs to follow the above described process then document the work, either in video, audio or in written formats and send it across to Pangea Challenge’s platforms.

If you encounter problems or doubt, don’t hesitate to contact Pia Redin!

The Pangea Challenge Team proudly supports Sustainable Words & Vision as part of this mind changing challenge, inspiring youth to co-create their future. The platform will be publishing and share updates from Pia Redin on how the work in Blekinge proceeds. We will at the same time give away tips and incitements on how to co-create a sustainable future simply by Words & Vision.

Our common goal is to double the fun in creating a more sustainable world by revealing that everyone has the power to go from vision to action at home/in school/in your community, and offering a platform to share and inspire others with your Sustainable Words&Visions displayed on pangeachallenge.org.

For those in Blekinge interested to participate in this Challenge, please contact Pia at swv@regionblekinge.se.

For more info on our Pangea “A Million Dreams for a Whole New World” and how you can participate in your country and community, please contact us at info@pangeachallenge.org.