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A Candid Conversation with Cherry STEINWENDER…

Reflections on Racism: Where Do We Go From Here… Pangea Challenge’s Kimberly King talks with Cherry Steinwender, co-founder of Center for Healing of Racism. Read More >>


Leadership Guru, Racing Team Icon and Race Director Tina THÖRNER brings FIA’s SMART DRIVING CHALLENGE supporting The Pangea Challenge, in its effort at promoting environmentally-friendly driving, a safer and cleaner world. Read More >>





Pangea is a symbol of our Ancient-Future reminding us of a time when the earth was one.  In Greek, Pan means entire and whole, Gea Means Earth. PanGea: Whole Earth. It is the DNA of who She is.

The truth of our reality as a borderless and connected world has never been more important to remember. Now is the time to demonstrate our Unity, honor our Diversity and ignite our Collective Creativity as never before. These are our “Super Powers” as a planet and as a people. What we do with them in 2020 and beyond will define our history and determine our destiny.

Humanity is standing at a crossroads. How will we write our epic story? Will we work together and build new models and more bridges? Or will we construct more silos and walls? Will we turn to one another and share our ideas and resources, or perpetuate a worldview of separateness where everyone else is an “Other”? Read More...

What will do in 2020 and beyond? Where will we go from here? These are the questions before us all.

This is Pangea Challenge! 

Let us meet this challenge and this moment working together, as one people and as nations united. A torch of hope and the fate of a whole world is in our hands. 

Join the Pangea Challenge today. Torches up! It’s our time to go!


Pangea Challenge is a Call to Action to every changemaker and champion who stands as a torch of hope for a better world. It is time to come together as One People and as Nations United to “Collaborate and Innovate for Humanity!”

Pangea is a global Media Platform, Impact Hub and “Vision and Collaboration Accelerator” supporting communication, innovation and co-creation between individuals and cross-sector organizations worldwide. We support strategies and initiatives that address and align with the UN SDGs and other local and global goals and Challenges. Our mission is to engage communities in purpose-driven conversations and meaningful collaboration activating the powers of Unity, Diversity and Creativity to heal and transform our world. Or goal is to Change the Message, Change the Models and Change the World. Bring your knowledge, ideas, aspirations and challenges and join forces with fellow change agents across our community and world. Join us today!

Don’t miss this award-winning poetic and cinematic reflection on the COVID-19 pandemic effects on us, filmed, written, produced, directed and voiced by @hannahfloresthepoet. Hannah is a talented 17-year-old spoken word poet who hopes to put smiles on people’s faces in this era of uncertainty! Winner of the 2020 Write the World Spoken Word Poetry Competition this poem was selected as a feature film for the 2020 Lift-Off Global Network First-Time Filmmaker Sessions.
We are best when we collaborate…



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